10 tips to avoid condensation in your windows

13.02.2018 in blog Don't panic ! It is possible that in cold weather you notice the appearance of condensation in the bottom of your windows. Indeed, this phenomenon is the result of hot, humid air that comes into contact with a colder surface, in this case, glass. Here... no comment

Important information about glass industry

18.10.2017 in blog

Recently, in South Middleton Township, a fire has ravaged the Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG) factory. It is one of the main factory where our thermos suppliers are supplied with raw material. In addition to this situation, the recent climatic disasters will considerably increase the glass…

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Le Nichoir

29.11.2016 in blog

We are very proud to have provided the fenestration systems of the new building of the bird rehabilitation center, Le Nichoir.

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Free Webinars

04.07.2016 in blog

In order of the creation of our formation center, we offer free monthly webinars (in French only). Our 30 minutes formula is available live on our virtual formation center.

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