10 tips to prevent condensation

10 tips to avoid condensation in your windows

13 Feb 2018, by Admin Fabelta in blog

Don’t panic !

It is possible that in cold weather you notice the appearance of condensation in the bottom of your windows. Indeed, this phenomenon is the result of hot, humid air that comes into contact with a colder surface, in this case, glass. Here is some information to go through before questioning the state of your windows.


It is important to know the cause

Having new windows does not necessarily guarantee no fogging, but energy-efficient windows are less likely to allow condensation to form. However, unless there is a building or installation problem, condensation is usually observed when the humidity level in the house is too high.

The humidity inside your home should be around 40% when the outside temperature is around zero degrees Celsius. It is important to check the humidity level of your house to try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Condensation can cause water accumulations on the window frame. This can deteriorate its durability, damage its paint and create mold or fungus.

Tips and tricks

Now, here are some tips and tricks to better control the humidity level in your home:

  1. Get a good quality hygrometer. This tool is used to measure the humidity level of a room or your home.
  2. Get an air exchanger or dehumidifier.
  3. Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans when cooking or showering. If you do not have a ventilation system in these rooms, open the window slightly.
  4. Store your firewood outside the house.
  5. Blinds and curtains must not prevent the air from circulating freely. Avoid closing them completely, especially at night.
  6. Do not keep too many plants in your home.
  7. Check the basement moisture level as it affects the entire house.
  8. Leave doors inside the house open to allow better air circulation between rooms.
  9. It is important to check that the dryer hose is securely attached to the air duct to prevent increased humidity in this room.
  10. Avoid creating large variations in ambient air temperature

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