A personalized thank you

18 Jan 2017, by Admin Fabelta in blog

We wished to recognize our beautiful year by giving a sweet gift to our partners. We had the pleasure to collaborate with CandyLabs in Montreal, a young company that proposes a unique concept in Canada: to make your personalized candy!

This idea appealed to us at Fabelta! Candy to the image of our fenestration products: completely customized! Choice of color, inside and outside, possibility to integrate the logo of the company and multiple options of flavors. This experience was a lots of fun thanks to the great collaboration with the owners. The young couple of Quebec entrepreneurs founded their business in 2014 after spending three months in Australia to learn the art of making these sweet delights.

We warmly invite you to visit them at 2305 Rue Guy, Montreal where you may even be able to observe them while they are in the making!





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