Architects in training at Fabelta

22 Mar 2018, by Admin Fabelta in News

Several times a year, we have the pleasure of receiving architects in our offices, who come to learn more about the doors and windows industry. This month, more than 25 architects participated in one of our two on-site training, in addition to those present via webinar.


Both sessions aimed to explain the different concepts and standards applicable to residential fenestration, such as  the NAFS standard, building code, energy efficiency and glazing. In addition to the theoretical training, the participants benefit from a visit of our factory, with the explanation of the stages of production, as well as a demonstration of box test in the laboratory of research and development.


For them, it is a more dynamic and interesting way to get tools to make house plans that meet building standards and that are safe for residents. In addition, all revenues from training registration, online and on-site, are donated to Architecture sans frontière Quebec.


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