Energy Star windows

05 Jul 2018, by Admin Fabelta in blog

Energy efficient from ENERGY STAR qualified windows are 20% to 40% higher than conventional windows and you can save up to 10% on heating costs.

Knowing that more than 50% of your electricity bill is attributable to heating costs and that up to 25% of a home’s heat loss is attributable to windows, this is an element you have to considere! *

*Hydro Québec

1. Increase comfort
Energy-efficient windows reduce cold drafts and help keep heat indoors during the heating season.

2. Limit condensation
The interior surfaces of Energy Star windows remain warmer, which means that there will be less heat shock between the house and glass temperatures, which greatly reduces the risk of condensation.

3. Saving Money
By choosing energy-efficient windows, you reduce the risk of air leakage and cooling of the glass. This way you can save up to 10% of your electricity bill.

4. Better quality of the environment
By reducing or eliminating condensation through energy-efficient windows, you help prevent the formation of mold, which improves indoor air quality and the cleanliless of your living spaces.

5. Reduce infiltration
Energy Star certified windows are well insulated and well sealed, reducing the risk of dust, dirt, insects and especially noise entering the home.

Energy-efficient windows are not necessarily more expensive than others. However, if this is the case, reducing your heating bill will quickly offset the price difference. In addition, windows and Energy Star certified products can increase the resale value of your home. So in any case, you win!

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Did you know? You are eligible for the RénoVert refundable tax credit. This tax credit was put in place temporarily to encourage individuals to carry out recognized eco-friendly home improvement projects that have a positive energy or environmental impact. The eligibility period for the RénoVert tax credit has been extended to March 31, 2019.


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