Fabelta involved in the “food drive”

08 Dec 2016, by Admin Fabelta in blog

Paying it forward and celebrating our growth, Fabelta Window Systems is proud to donnate the equivalent of a $ 10 Christmas basket to the Galilee Works for every  slice of 1000$ in sales of Fenestration products in December.

Also we will take action in a social media campaign to maximize our impact and raise public awareness for this cause. For each ”Like” on Fabelta’s Facebook page, along with a share of it’s campaign, Fabelta will donate $ 1 to buy additional Christmas baskets.

We hope that this initiative surpasses our most optimistic expectations imagined! Take a look at our Facebook page, enjoy, share and let the magic of generosity operate!


Fabelta’s team wants to get involved locally and make a difference not only in the quality of its fenestration products but also in its actions and support for causes that are important to its employees. Our success would not be the same without the support of our community and it is for this reason that we wish to pay it forward. We want to have a concrete impact in our region especially during this period of festivities.


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