Major Project

Success is above all a team effort.

These projects always involve many actors and our responsibility is to meet the expectations of all those people and the users of the buildings.
Our challenge is to know who will be the user and how he uses the product in order to orient the customer to his best choice.
The durability and the quality of our products enables us to position ourselves as a top choice in this market, since they represent an excellent return on long-term investment.
The major projects are a long process which requires knowledge of the different stages of construction and various procedures (estimation process, specification, fabrication drawing, etc)


Fabelta’s  team of specialists will accomplish each step of the process  :
– Sales consultant
– Estimation project manager
– Engineers
– Production planner
– Coordinator for delivery, installation and on construction site
– Installation specialist
In the end, all these factors will make the difference in achieving your project.

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