New Energy Star certification standard

12 Feb 2015, by Admin Fabelta in News

New Energy Star certification standard are in effect as of February 1st 2015. These changes concern mainly the climatic zone labelling, and their minimum energy performance requirements.

These climatic zones were previously divided into 4 zones (ABCD) and are now redistributed into 3 zones, labeled 1-2-3. This results in the increase of minimum energy performances for some sectors.

Zone 1- RE 25 (extreme western Canada – previously Re 21)

Zone 2- Re 29 (south of the country including Montreal & Quebec – prevously Re 25 or 29)

Zone 3- Re 34 (great north – previously RE 34)

This creates a major impact for all manufacturers, who see some of their products become substandard or disqualified in our region.


Furtermore, Natural Resources Canada, which governs Energy Star, now obligate all certified products to comply to the National Code of Canada 2010 Building requirements, the new standard NAFS-08, and the Canadian supplement.



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