New requirements forentry doors

06 Jul 2016, by Mickael in blog


Since June 2015, the 2010 National Building Code is in effect in Quebec. The new code proposes a major revision concerning windows, doors and skylights. Very different from the standards that were applied for the past thirty years, new principles will replace what used to be by a new harmonized standard: the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS).
NAFS implies new more stringent requirements for all products especially for entrance doors. Indeed, it is now necessary that doors provide the same performance as the windows according to air infiltration, resistance to water penetration and resistance to wind loads.
This requires a complete review for the exterior door industry since the current available products are designed according to the old standards that demands inferior water infiltration tests. Now, under NAFS, doors will test up to 730 Pa in pressure.
Fabelta is proud to have designed a residential aluminum door that meets the most severe requirements of NAFS. Our PURE door certified in laboratory for water infiltration up to 730 Pa and has been tested successfully. In addition to its exceptional performance, our door PURE is distinguished by its contemporary design and its oversized glass that maximizes light entry.


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