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30 Aug 2016, by Admin Fabelta in blog

When mother nature offers a site of an incredible beauty, the obligation of the creator of a residence is to respect and honor this environment.

The Jeanne D’Arc residence is surrounded by a dreaming landscape, located in the heart of green lush forest of Chertsey and lined by a private stream and a waterfalls. The design of this cottage offers a perfect blend of slick lines and the warmth of natural materials. The presence of concrete and metal accessories magnify the wooden and stone accents as well as the firecase integraded with the natural scenery in the background. The wide fenestration serve as alive canvases that change through the seasons, offering a scenary that is impossible to get bored of.


Photo credit : D. Boudreau Medias

Architect : La Caravane d’architecture

Products : puRE Series – Contemporary products

Fixed panoramic window

Tild and turn window

Aluminum door  


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