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16 Jan 2018, by Admin Fabelta in News

The new house of our clients Alexandre and Gabriel has been published in the november edition of the magazine Les idées de ma maison.

Their desire to make way for nature is what influenced their choice in the idealization of this dream house. In order to obtain an unlimited view of the surrounding forest, they chose to provide the residence with windows from our aluminum puRE series.

The best part of the house is undoubtedly the living room. The immense fenestration, which plays the role of wall in this room, presents to tenants the most grandiose decor.

«When we are in the center of the house, we see everywhere outside, from the ground to the top of the trees. The absence of cornices maximizes visibility», says Alexandre in an interview with Emmanuelle Mozayan-Verschaeve.







The owners have also opted for large patio door to frame the dining room. This way, we let in a maximum of light and the positioning offers a great option to pursue a development outside.

Picture: Yves Lefebvre 

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