Simplified guide : North American Fenestration Standard

15 Sep 2016, by Admin Fabelta in blog

Fabelta is committed to ensure the best practice in our industry and to offer continuous training. In the same order of idea, we have created two explanatory documents about the new fenestration standard.

With the upcoming implementation of the North American Fenestration Standard, we offer, since the last few years, technical trainings in purpose to demystify the various parameters of this harmonized standard.

Since June 2015, with the adoption of the 2010 Quebec Building Code, NAFS is applicable. In order to give enough time to complete the transition for all professional involved, a grace period is allowed until December, 2016.

At the edge of the mandatory application of the NAFS, we offer two simplified guides about this standard.


– Simplified Guide to reading NAFS performances

– Simplified Guide to specify NAFS performances


These tools are the occasion to familiarize yourself with this standard, to understand the basics and, ultimately, to help you in the process of specify products.

Please note that they will still be available in our Training Center section of our website.

* Unfortunately, these guides are not available in English, we are sorry for inconvenience. *


It is important to mention that these guides are a simplified summary in order to give you the basic knowledge about NAFS standard. The AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101 / IS2 / A440-11 – Windows, doors and skylights and AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101 / IS2 / A440-09 – Canadian Supplement / Secondary Designation, in their entire publication, are the only comprehensive reference to be used.


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