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Fabelta’s steel doors are custom designed. They propose a variety of model fusing design, performance and technology.

In this collection, it is also possible to choose a glass fibre door instead of steel.

Option: Fabelta PLUS 

This is a high-end door manufactured in 22 gauge steel with laminated and jointed wood block from top to bottom. It can be distinguished with an executive panel, massive brass hinges and a lifetime warranty on the white Acrythane painting.

* This model is optional and these features are not available on the basic steel door.
*Distributor of Novatech products

Wind and water tight

The steel door has a double-stripping around the perimeter and a coextruded seal on its side handle and hinges.

Rigidity and safety

The handle side is reinforced with an 18 inches’ wood block. A steel plate is installed on the frame as well. These two elements make the door more structural and safer.

Custom product

To create a distinctive door, many choices and options are offered: stained glass, decorative moldings, threshold, multipoint locks, handles, etc.

Energy Star certification

Energy rating 10 to 32 (zone 1-2-3) and U Factor 0.68 à 1.59 w/m2-K

*Many combinations of glasses, stained glass and panels can be possible; this depending on the option to obtain an ER of between 10 and 32.

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