Aluminum : Creating unique spaces

Energetic Efficency

Fabelta aluminum products are designed to maximize and maintain energy gain ensuring comfort and efficiency. Thanks to these technical features, these windows are among the highest efficency products in their class.

Structural performance

Aluminum is one of the most resistant and durable materials on the market. It enable us to create large-sized assemblies to realize unique, solid and secure architectural projects.

Ecological footprint

100% recyclable without any degradation of its properties, aluminum is a distinctive ecological product which requires a low energy consumption during its transformation.


Tilt & turn

The tilt and turn system offers the largest dimensions of openings ; it’s robust extrusions make it possible to realize imposing architecture frameworks maximizing the entry of light. This luxurious product is intended for a unique residences with its refined profile.

The tilt position allows you to leave the window open safely for children, to aerate in a indirect way or to allow more exterior space. The casement position is ideal to let enter a maximum of ventilation and to facilitate maintenance of the product in the comfort of your home.



Letting enter an abundance of luminosity in your residence by the creation of oversize assemblies with this type of window is possible. With its high energy performance levels, these window will give you a new outdoor perspective, while ensuring your comfort.

In addition to its distinctive look and minimalist lines, the fixed window can be matched with the other opening products of our puRE series.


Exterior casement

This is the exterior operative window which allows the largest openings on the market. These robust aluminum profile and its quality hardware makes it an exceptional and durable product which will last overtime.

An ecological choice by its certified energy efficient performances and its design with its 100% recyclable aluminum.



The highest performance sliding window of our industry in Canada. Easy to use with its ingenious design, this window is the best sliding choice to reduce your energy expenses.

This is an ideal product for the property manager or multi-locatives projects, it is easy to use, without maintenance and recommended for a diversified clientele.



The hopper window is perfect for those high to reach or difficult to access openings it offers indirect ventilation. With its pole system , it allows an easy and safe opening.

A complementary product to the puRE series, it can easily be combined with the products of this series.

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