Aluminum windows – Exterior Casement/Awning

The aluminum casement window is equipped with a shutter opening outwards. The awning window is distinguishing by his opening outward from the bottom.

In the collection, the architectural forms or inoperative polygons are also available.

Durability / Structural qualities

This is an excellent return on your investment because it is a durable product with distinctive structural performances. These are products that offer the larger exterior opening in fenestration. Also, the hardware is directly screwed into the aluminum which ensures that the mechanism is firmly fixed.

Energy Star certification

Operating: Energy efficiency 29 (zone 1-2) and U Factor 1.81 w/m2-K

Fixed: Energy efficiency 35 (zone 1-2-3) et U Factor 1.75 w/m2-K

* Note that the awning and forms windows are not Energy Star.

Interior and exterior color

Possibility of standard color choices: white, black and commercial brown as well as endless selection of optional colors.

Variable frame with extension

Enables optimal installation in the warm part of the wall.

Easier maintenance

With a smooth and non-porous finish, the aluminum is easy to maintain and preserves it’s a new condition over time.

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