Aluminium Window – Sliding

The Ennova sliding aluminum window has two single glass interior shutters and two double glass exterior shutters. These shutters allows horizontal translation allowing direct or indirect ventilation.

Energy Star certification

Energy rating 32 à 40 (zone 1-2-3) and U Factor 1.8 w/m2-K

* Many combinations of glasses, film and argon gas may be possible; this depending on the option to obtain an ER of between 32 and 40.

Ball bearing shutters and screen

The ball bearing facilitates use of the shutter and screen while significantly increasing its lifetime.

Designed for the Canadian climate

This Ennova window reached the first rank of energy ratings, with its ER 40, on the Canada Energy Star website by its unique design and its dominant energy efficiency

Interior and exterior color

Standard color choices standard: white, black and commercial brown. An endless selection of optional custom colors is also available.

Minimal maintenance

With a smooth and no-porous finish, the aluminum preserves its new condition through the years.

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