Hybrid window – Casement / Awning

The hybrid casement window operates towards the exterior in a horizontal movement. The awning operates outward, opening from the bottom to the exterior in a vertical movement. The exterior surface of the hybrid door is covered with extruded aluminum and the interior part is finished with polyvinyl chloride.

In this collection, architectural shapes or inoperative polygons are also available.

Optimized design

The design of hybrid windows allows us to respect the characteristics of each material. This is a solid modular construction including a PVC frame with 4 air chambers for increased insulation. We also find a weather stripping system that will provide a superior seal.

Energy Star certification

Operating : Energy rating 32 (zone 1-2) and U Factor 1.61 w/m2-K

Fixed : Energy rating 31 (zone 1-2) and U Factor 1.61 w/m2-K

* Note that awning and forms windows are note Energy Star.

Exterior color

Standard color choices: white, black, and commercial brown. An endless selection of optional custom colors is also available.

Variable frame with extension

Optimizing installation in the warm part of the wall

Structural qualities

Equipped with extruded aluminum piece outside, it offers increased rigidity.

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