Hybrid windows

Bringing two worlds together

The hybrid window combining aluminum and PVC, two products with different expansion coefficient, is designed to respect the characteristics of each material.

Optimal positioning

To benefit from the maximum energy performance of your product, our hybrid window offers variable and adapted frame to ensure the correct positioning in the warm part of your wall.


Supported by independent laboratory certification results, our hybrid products meet CSA standards for manufacturing, the highest in our industry. In addition, they are certified Energy Star.



The marriage of these two components is a solid and certified modular design that allows you to enjoy the refinement of exterior aluminum and it’s variety of color choice.

Our new contemporary frame harmonizes perfectly from the exterior with our products of the puRE series.



To respect your architectural style or original cachet, this range of window has its unique signature. Moreover, their ease of use and their openings option, simple or double, allow the ventilation of your choice.

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