When you dare to try, only then you will taste glory.

Did you know that Fabelta means “fabrication belge de travaux d’aluminium” and was founded in 1957?

At the beginning, the company located in the St-Francois district of Laval was directed by M. Bouillon. Focusing on a custom handmade product, it produced sliding and casement aluminum window. Among its customers, two young entrepreneurs bought these products to complete their own renovation projects. The founder approaching retirement moved the company to Manseau, close to Quebec City.

Loyal customer, Mr and Mrs Desroches continued to buy these quality products and decide to launch into a new adventure, succeeding Mr Bouillon with the acquisition of Fabelta. Shortly after, less than 2 years, the owners brought back the company to Terrebonne in a small rental building located on Angora street.

Already animated by the desire for innovation and development, they diversify their products line by adding steel doors, which then lead them to acquire their first factory in the early 90s located in the industrial district.

In this decade, the company evolved by initially introducing PVC products and then by launching a line of hybrid products and finally interior solid wood. In the early 2000s, they offered a complete range of residential fenestration products.

Built on an established reputation and an undeniable quality product, the company has become a leader of its industry. It was also during these years that the company ‘s team passed from 3 to more than 80 employees to this date.

Today, proud of what it became, the company’s growth is a central concern of its leader. Since the beginning, the owner’s sons grew as Fabelta’s innovated and today they are closely involved in the organization.  A succession plan in the image of two young entrepreneurs who in the late 80s decided to contribute to Canadian entrepreneurship.

Awards and recognition

Dream big and you will do great things!

Our commitment: continuously perfect our designs to ensure that the look lives up to the performance and that each of our product is worthy of the Fabelta seal.

Our company has been awarded over the years several recognitions highlighting our efforts and implications:


Development and market company by excellence // Economic reflection gala


Human resources prize // Economic reflection gala


Tribute to our builders // Economic reflection gala


Habitat-Innovation Excellence Award


Best new product // love it  Contech


Innovation and sustainable development puRE series // Contech


Sponsor of the year // Golden griffin Gala


Environnemental action // Golden griffin Gala


2nd edition family project price // Recognition gala l’AVFQ


3rd edition renovation project price  // Recognition gala l’AVFQ


3nd edition family project price // Recognition gala l’AVFQ


4nd edition family project price // Recognition gala l’AVFQ


We are not masters in everything, but we are definitively masters in fenestration

We pride ourselves in offering high quality durable products . Through constant efforts in research and development, we have acquired expertise and have affirmed our status as leaders in innovation. Performance at an honest price has always been our fundamental promise, and our commitment to it has defined our reputation.

This concern for superior quality is reflected as much in our customer service as in our image, being more modern, strong and elegant. As for our products, they eclipse both the competition and the established standards of the National Building Code.

Innovation is one of the primary values of our company, it was obvious that Fabelta year after year prioritized research and development to be at the forefront of technology in our market.

At the head of our research center, our engineers design new increasingly efficient fenestration products. Our quest has brought us to travel around the world and look for different technologies finding sources of inspiration to create distinctive products.


Collaboration divides the task and multiplies success


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