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Welcome to our section where you will find the next training actives dates at our head office and our unique informative webinars. Refer you to our interactive calendar to discover the detail of the classes offered and how to proceed to your inscription.


Fabelta is committed to offering the best continuous education and ensuring best practice in the fenestration industry. That’s why we offer several classes during the year. These classes give us the opportunity to support the Emergency Architects and Cooperation organization.


Fabelta encourages actions taken by AUC and we are gladto lend our support.


Unfortunately, the webinars and classes are only offered in French at this moment.

Training Videos

Technical capsule on the EGRESS standard

Here is your quick technical capsule on the standards corresponding to the 2010 Quebec Construction Code relating to residential fenestration (part 9).

Our intention is to offer you short summaries in order to always better assist you in the realization of your projects.

Technical capsule on quality & certifications

Discover our quality control and engineering team in this short web capsule.

It is important for us to ensure the superior quality of our ranges in order to be able to provide you with high-end custom products.

Technical capsule on the guardrail standard

The purpose of the guardrail standard is to avoid the risk of falling.

With this in mind, certain regulations must be taken into account to ensure everyone’s safety.

Learn some simple guidelines in this training capsule.

Registration for the online training dinners is now available. See five good reasons to register!